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                      Ningbo Thaile Chemical Hotline:+86-574-87496391/+86-18967845674
                      Current Position : Home > About Thaile > About Us

                      Established in 2007, Ningbo Thaile chemical Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company that manufactures and exports chemical reagent and non skid treatment solution. We have our own registered brand "Thaile", with strong R&D center, sales team, customer service team and QC team, which grows very fast and obtains good reputation in the market. 


                      Our major products include water fast test reagent, heavy metal fast test kit, stainless steel fast test reagent, and non skid treatment solution etc. All products can be customized according to buyers' special requirements.


                      Thaile's uncompromising emphasis on ethical business practices, creativity and continual improvement has earned it a reputation as "Quality Best, Reputation First". A comprehensive quality control policy has been implemented. From raw material purchase to commodities delivery, each process is strictly under supervision. We will make every endeavor to supply high quality products and best services. 


                      Up to now, we have exported our products to USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, etc."One step ahead" is corporation's aim and motive to develop strong and better. We warmly welcome the friends all over the world contact us and establish friendship and business relationship. Thaile will sincerely cooperate with you and joint hands to create a splendid future!

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