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                      Ningbo Thaile Chemical Hotline:+86-574-87496391/+86-18967845674
                      Current Position : Home > Agent Centre > Heavy Metal Fast Test > Text

                      Looking forward to agents of Heavy Metal Test Reagent

                      Release date: 2019-10-29
                      Ningbo Thaile Chemical Technology own many experts in chemical industry, have originally developed a series of heavy metal test reagents. Such series of products are featured by high accuracy, simple operate, low cost, quick test, being easy to carry, etc., so that they can solve difficulties in heavy metal test on site, winning great popularity among many users. We have become an excellent provider in global heavy metal fast test reagent industry!
                      To make our product be able to create value for more customers, we are looking forward to worldwide agent! As long as the industry you are engaging in is related to environmental protection, as long as you are interested in cooperation with us, you will have chance to become a partner of our company. 
                      Please call Mr. Ge at +86-574-87496391 or +86-13805888024 for more details.
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