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                      Ningbo Thaile Chemical Hotline:+86-574-87496391/+86-18967845674
                      Current Position : Home Page > Products > Heavy Metal Fast Test

                      Heavy Metal Fast Test

                      • Lead Fast Test Kit

                        HMTK-PbLead Fast Test Kit

                        Used in rapid qualitative test for whether different kinds of products contain lead or not . For example: solder, paints and coatings, ceramic ware, alloy, toys, jewelry, electronic products, clothing accessories etc.
                      • Nickel Fast Test Kit

                        HMTK-NiNickel Fast Test Kit

                        Used in the qualitative test of the material surface nickel release. For example: simulation jewelry, zipper, belt fastener, button ,glasses, watches and so on.
                      • Cadmium Fast Test Kit

                        HMTK-CdCadmium Fast Test Kit

                        It can determine surface cadmium content of various material, such as solder, ceramic ware, alloy, toys, jewelry, electronic products, plastics and plating parts etc.
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